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Blog 5 Matute

The performance I would be most comfortable in as an audience member would be the Jazz club, mainly because of the environment, it is very laid back. This setting for me is a more comfortable way to enjoy and appreciate the music being played. There is no standard to live up to or fear of being judged unlike in a symphony orchestra or chamber music recital where it’s expected to be well dressed and have proper etiquette. As a listener, I’m not expected to act a certain way I can either enjoy it and stay or leave at my content. As a performer though I feel like it is expected for them to freestyle and feel the music with a passion.

As for the performance, I would feel the least comfortable in would be the chamber music recital. Personally, I don’t listen or can critique this type of music so being in a compact and small area that is extremely quiet gives me anxiety. This type of concert has a lot of etiquette and expectations. As a listener, you have to sit properly and stay quiet for long periods at a time. As for the performers I expect them to be a small number unlike an orchestra and also be very attentive to each other since they don’t have a conductor. I have been to a concert similar to this and from experience, it is really hard to have a conversation about the music and even a reaction to the music being played.

Blog 5 Wallace

After watching all 4 performances, the type of performance I would be most comfortable with as an audience member is definitely the jazz club. In the example of the jazz club the atmosphere felt more comfortable, and more intimate due to the closeness of the audience to the performers. Conversations amongst audience members probably would be permitted, and most people would most likely be friendly. Another reason I like the jazz club performance the most is because I feel like the element of surprise that comes with jazz meshes very well with the audience, because since jazz is based on improvisation, so therefore you would not know what to expect from the performers at any time during their performance.

The type of performance I would be the least comfortable with as an audience member is the symphony orchestra concert. It seems to have a very serious atmosphere, with no talking allowed. That seems very uncomfortable for someone like myself. Another reason is because it seems that you have to sit down the whole time which for me is yet again uncomfortable.

Blog 5, Bessalely

I think I would feel most comfortable in a symphony orchestra concert because of my familiarity with it. Throughout elementary school I participated and attended concerts similar to this, exposing it to me from a young age. I would feel least comfortable at a Hindustani classical performance because I am not familiar with this type of music and concert setting, however it seems like an interesting type of concert to be an audience member at. It seems as if the Audie ce members can have a closer connection to the performers, due to the lack of theatrics such as lights and dancers, etc. As a listener at a symphony I would feel comfortable enough to express my feelings with applause, but also have silence to be able to enjoy the music during their performance. This is different from typical pop concerts because during these concerts fans are yelling, screaming, and recording during the entire concert. This can make it difficult to listen to and appreciate the music.

Blog 5, Lema

To start off the most comfortable for me would be the Jazz concert because of the chill and relaxed atmosphere it has. In my previous concert experience where I would just be having fun, in a Jazz setting I seem it would be similar to where one can just feel the music. When performing the Jazz musicians just seem to be flowing with the music while also making the sounds fit all together and just right. But just seeing the performance creates a sense of calmness, and in the video people are still seen to be talking amongst each other while still appreciating the music

The concert I would feel the least comfortable would be the chamber music recital, because of the really focused and serious atmosphere in contrast to the Jazz atmosphere. Also it seems to be in a small space so it would make me worried about the movements I would make. The small setting, I would have to be wary in order to not disrupt the performance. This is why the chamber music recital would be the least comfortable for me.

Blog 5,Wang

After listening to the piece that was provided, I would feel the most comfortable being in the Jazz club audience. The performance was full of passion as the performer seemed to enjoy broadcasting their performance to the audience. Also unlike the other performer where the audience is silent, in the Jazz Club, everyone is interacting with each other, which makes the club seem like the go-to place for everyone that had a terrible day. Usually, the audience has to be silent till the end of the performer piece, but in this in the video, it showcased what jazz is really about. We can see both the audience and the performer enjoying it, which is where I would love to be in.

The place I would be the least comfortable at would have to be the Chamber musical recital because I would be rude there as the music isn’t the type I would be interested in. I remember attending one as a child, and the only thing I still remember about it was that felt that I fell asleep through the whole concert. I feel like this type of piece is more for the older generation than the younger generation as the performance requires more patience to be able to enjoy it. Also, in this type of concert. the audience is usually invisible to the performer, and they play as they are practicing alone, which makes it very boring.

Blog 5 Felorian

Out of all the examples, I would be most comfortable as an audience member at the symphony orchestra concert. The musicians were playing Beethoven’s fifth symphony. As a violin player for nine years, I have been exposed to many pieces by famous composers. I have indeed played Beethoven’s fifth, and I have performed it with my class in front of our family members. Since I have experience with this piece, it would be more relatable for me to listen. Also it is interesting watching more experienced performers playing it, with a different conductor since he acts a beat earlier than the musicians. For the performers, I would expect them all to be seated, and all of the groups of instruments depending on each other. Some conductors cut pieces of music out, but I would expect this to be fully played. As for the audience, I would also expect them to be seated, and listening carefully to the different sections of the piece. And as predicted, when the piece was done the audience members applauded and some even gave a standing ovation to show appreciation for the performance.  

On the other hand, I would be least comfortable at the jazz club. This specific one was performed in the 1950’s at a New Orleans bar. I personally dislike the sound of jazz, so as an audience member I would not enjoy it as much as I would enjoy the symphony orchestra. I also like string instruments more, so it would just depend on the audience member’s taste. There were only about five musicians, so it was not as busy as the orchestra. For the performers, since it is an up beat music style, some clapping or walking around would be expected for engaging the audience. As for the audience, I would expect them to be standing up in conversations, and dancing around with a family member or spouse. This was played in a more open area compared to the music hall, so the audience members have more of an ability to move around regardless of the smaller space. This makes sense, since I usually see jazz players at the train station where people are busy and rushing.

Yi, Blog 5

The type of performance that I would be the most comfortable watching as an audience member is a jazz club because the environment is loud and hectic. I am the type of person who finds it difficult to fit in with others unless I get comfortable. I feel like from the four choices given, this is the only place where I won’t stand out or get that much attention from. At a jazz club, I would expect to hear a lot of different instruments and see people interacting a lot through the music. As a listener, I would be expected to be able to listen to the people and those playing the instruments in a casual manner rather than just quietly listening. 

The type of performance that I would be the least comfortable watching as an audience member is the chamber music recital because the environment is so closed and widely focused on the people in front playing the instruments. Since it is a calmer environment compared to the others, I do not think that I can fit in because it would be awkward for me and I would stand out too much if I did something wrong. At a chamber music recital, I would expect to hear nothing but the people playing instruments. As a listener, I would be expected to quietly listen to the music that the people upfront are playing.

I have seen bands performing in school for high school and middle school concerts. I can relate this to the chamber music recital because the performance would take place in an auditorium, the space would be closed. Also, the audience sitting would have their focus only on the students upfront playing their instruments. It would not be an environment where you could talk or move around. The audience would also be expected to politely listen to the students.

Prompt for Blog 5

In our Music in Concert video lectures, we discussed different concert traditions: the jazz club, the chamber music recital, the symphony orchestra concert, and a performance of Hindustani classical music. You can see performance videos for each setting, along with a concert of classical Hindustani music in our video lectures or separately at these links:

  1. Jazz club
  2. Chamber music recital 
  3. Symphony orchestra concert
  4. Hindustani classical performance

Referring to these examples, our video lectures, and/or the textbook (relevant pages shared below), which type of performance would you be most comfortable at as an audience member? Which would you be the least comfortable at? What would you expect to see or hear from the performers, and how would you be expected to act as a listener? Connect your discussion with any of your previous experiences with live concert music, whether in-person, online, or through television.

This blog is due Sunday March 22 by 12pm. Don’t forget to comment in the participation post for this week as well!


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