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Blog 9, Bhatnagar

  • The topic I chose to write about is music and lullabies. The reason I think these two are connected is because lullabies contain slow and rhythmic music. Also, it is a very soothing type of music that is intended to put kids to sleep. Also, it connects with music because lullabies are also known as therapeutic music. Soothing or therapeutic music is intended to lower stress. I think the person forgot to include the music entries, so I just talked about how music and lullabies are connected. Also, I agree with the musical characteristics written which were the piano and the vocals with a singer that has a sweet voice. The reason I think piano can help create a beautiful lullaby is because the keys aren’t dissonant, instead, they are very soothing and calm to listen to. Also, it was very interesting to know that these are mostly played in garden parties, I never imagined that!
  • If I were to write this topic instead of my own, the music I would pick would be “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. I noticed that as soon as this piece of music started, it had the sound effects of crickets, indicating that it is time to sleep and it is nighttime. It is helping children fall asleep by noticing these sounds. Also, I noticed that there were many pauses throughout the video and the song didn’t sound like it was sung by an adult, it sounds like it was sung by a kid, to indicate that it is for them as well. Also, the song name also indicates that there are usually stars in the sky at night and how it is bedtime. It sounds very comforting to listen to. The other song I would choose is “Hush Little Baby”. It uses a lot of piano key notes, but they are very relaxing and helps create a peaceful scene. Also, it might’ve also used things that babies like playing with such as their toys to help them feel calm and safe. “You’ll still be the sweetest baby in town. Hush little baby, don’t cry cause, daddy and I love you”. This was sung by a woman in a very calm voice and it doesn’t feel attacking in any type of way. Instead it helps the baby feel protected and the slow, sweet voice is putting the baby slowly to safety without having to worry about anything.