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After listening to the piece that was provided, I would feel the most comfortable being in the Jazz club audience. The performance was full of passion as the performer seemed to enjoy broadcasting their performance to the audience. Also unlike the other performer where the audience is silent, in the Jazz Club, everyone is interacting with each other, which makes the club seem like the go-to place for everyone that had a terrible day. Usually, the audience has to be silent till the end of the performer piece, but in this in the video, it showcased what jazz is really about. We can see both the audience and the performer enjoying it, which is where I would love to be in.

The place I would be the least comfortable at would have to be the Chamber musical recital because I would be rude there as the music isn’t the type I would be interested in. I remember attending one as a child, and the only thing I still remember about it was that felt that I fell asleep through the whole concert. I feel like this type of piece is more for the older generation than the younger generation as the performance requires more patience to be able to enjoy it. Also, in this type of concert. the audience is usually invisible to the performer, and they play as they are practicing alone, which makes it very boring.


  1. I agree with your take on how the Jazz concert is the most comfortable because thats how I feel as well. The whole feeling in the bar and the music is just a relaxing feeling as opposed to the chamber recital one.

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