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Extra Credit Concert Report

This assignment is worth 20 points, or a possible 2-3% boost to your final grade.

To complete this assignment, you must attend a concert of any genre, either on- or off-campus, and write at least two pages (400 words) on your observations. Before the date of the concert, you must email me with the concert’s date, location, and performing artists.

To structure your report, follow the questions laid out on this worksheet: MUSIC 1 Concert Report Guide. I recommend bringing a copy with you to the concert so you can record your thoughts while you listen. Please do not simply fill in the blanks on the Concert Report Guide and turn it in; you will only receive credit for a separately typed paper.

The completed report, along with a picture of you at the concert, is due by email two weeks after the concert date. However, I will only be accepting concert reports until Sunday May 3rd at 11:59pm.

If you don’t already have a concert in mind, you can see a list of upcoming performances at Queens College here: https://events.cuny.edu/c/queens-college/et/performing-arts-film/.