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Blog 9, Kushmakova

  1. The topic I chose to write about is “Music and Trends”. There was a concrete connection between the topic and the two music entries discussed in the presentation. The first music entry is a BTS song ft Halsey named “A boy with Luv”. The band BTS is a popular band from South Korea who got very popular over the past couple of years. They are known as part of K-pop groups which had a large impact on the western market.  The song had a large exposure of a new genre of music to thousands/millions of people. The unique part of this music is that it’s not always sung in English which is not common in the states. The song has a constant beat and rhythm that makes it easy to top your foot too; causing it to become a trending/trendy song. The second music entry was Doja Cat’s well-known song “Mooo!”. Within this musical entry, the artist made a trendy song by utilizing other ongoing trends which would be memes. The song was very different and unique; which was perfect to catch the attention of everyone. A musical element present was the short rhythm that made it catchy and easy to sing along too. 

2. If I wrote this topic instead of my own, a song that I would pick to include in my presentation would be yet another Doja cat named “Say So”. The trendy app of TikTok had dance videos go viral using that song and thousands of people were introduced to the song. A second song I would pick would be “The Box” by Roddy Ricch. I would have chosen this song because the song came out last year (2019) and is still very popular. The musical characteristics present in both these songs relate heavily with my topic. The upbeat rhythm / tempo and dynamics pulls in listeners and puts the audience in a good uplifting mood. 

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  1. I like how you picked “Say So” by Doja Cat. That songs really relates to the topic of Music and Trends especially during this time where we all are experiencing the pandemic together and are focused on trends on tik tok. That song would be a great example regarding the topic of trends in music.

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