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The performance I would be most comfortable in as an audience member would be the Jazz club, mainly because of the environment, it is very laid back. This setting for me is a more comfortable way to enjoy and appreciate the music being played. There is no standard to live up to or fear of being judged unlike in a symphony orchestra or chamber music recital where it’s expected to be well dressed and have proper etiquette. As a listener, I’m not expected to act a certain way I can either enjoy it and stay or leave at my content. As a performer though I feel like it is expected for them to freestyle and feel the music with a passion.

As for the performance, I would feel the least comfortable in would be the chamber music recital. Personally, I don’t listen or can critique this type of music so being in a compact and small area that is extremely quiet gives me anxiety. This type of concert has a lot of etiquette and expectations. As a listener, you have to sit properly and stay quiet for long periods at a time. As for the performers I expect them to be a small number unlike an orchestra and also be very attentive to each other since they don’t have a conductor. I have been to a concert similar to this and from experience, it is really hard to have a conversation about the music and even a reaction to the music being played.

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