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Blog 5, Bessalely

I think I would feel most comfortable in a symphony orchestra concert because of my familiarity with it. Throughout elementary school I participated and attended concerts similar to this, exposing it to me from a young age. I would feel least comfortable at a Hindustani classical performance because I am not familiar with this type of music and concert setting, however it seems like an interesting type of concert to be an audience member at. It seems as if the Audie ce members can have a closer connection to the performers, due to the lack of theatrics such as lights and dancers, etc. As a listener at a symphony I would feel comfortable enough to express my feelings with applause, but also have silence to be able to enjoy the music during their performance. This is different from typical pop concerts because during these concerts fans are yelling, screaming, and recording during the entire concert. This can make it difficult to listen to and appreciate the music.

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  1. I agree with you in regards to feeling least comfortable attending a Hindustani Classical performance due to an unfamiliarity with it. I find it interesting that you would feel comfortable with symphony orchestra I found that as having a refreshing outlook as most of the classmates (including myself) are more comfortable with Jazz due to out familiarity with it.

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