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After watching all 4 performances, the type of performance I would be most comfortable with as an audience member is definitely the jazz club. In the example of the jazz club the atmosphere felt more comfortable, and more intimate due to the closeness of the audience to the performers. Conversations amongst audience members probably would be permitted, and most people would most likely be friendly. Another reason I like the jazz club performance the most is because I feel like the element of surprise that comes with jazz meshes very well with the audience, because since jazz is based on improvisation, so therefore you would not know what to expect from the performers at any time during their performance.

The type of performance I would be the least comfortable with as an audience member is the symphony orchestra concert. It seems to have a very serious atmosphere, with no talking allowed. That seems very uncomfortable for someone like myself. Another reason is because it seems that you have to sit down the whole time which for me is yet again uncomfortable.

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