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Prompt for Blog 5

In our Music in Concert video lectures, we discussed different concert traditions: the jazz club, the chamber music recital, the symphony orchestra concert, and a performance of Hindustani classical music. You can see performance videos for each setting, along with a concert of classical Hindustani music in our video lectures or separately at these links:

  1. Jazz club
  2. Chamber music recitalĀ 
  3. Symphony orchestra concert
  4. Hindustani classical performance

Referring to these examples, our video lectures, and/or the textbook (relevant pages shared below), which type of performance would you be most comfortable at as an audience member? Which would you be the least comfortable at? What would you expect to see or hear from the performers, and how would you be expected to act as a listener? Connect your discussion with any of your previous experiences with live concert music, whether in-person, online, or through television.

This blog is due Sunday March 22 by 12pm. Don’t forget to comment in the participation post for this week as well!


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