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Blog 9, Bessalely

Music and Romance

The topic, romance, and the two playlist entries connect because the lyrics to both songs speak about love and loving someone in a  relationship. Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement towards love, and the lyrics in both playlist entries, such as “all of me loves all of you” align with that definition. Specific musical characteristics are not shown, but the social context relates to the topic because “all of me” is written about the singers wife, who he feels romantically towards.

If I were to write about this topic, a musical characteristic I would look for in songs is a higher pitch, and faster tempo. I believe these characteristics portray the excitement about love that is romance. With a pleasant and high pitch sound, the listener hears and feels what it is like to be so in love and so happy when you act romantically. I would also look for lyrics that talk about loving someone and positive feelings towards another person. Lastly, I would look for a social context of someone who is feeling romantic, and has or has had someone they felt strongly enough about to be romantic. Having the social context involve a romantic love story would connect to the topic. Both of the songs I selected fit this description.

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  1. I love those two songs! I also agree those relate with romance because it is accepting the other individual that Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran are singing to. Also, it is looking at them with that kind of view by saying “I’m in love with the shape of you” and “just the way you are”, although I feel like looking at someone’s shape is showing more towards the romantic side of someone as compared to “just the way you are” which is loving the person overall.

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