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Blog 9, Thorpe

The connection between Music and Trends and the songs were trendy and allowed people to get to know them better. The first song was BTS which is a korean music group and they got big because of trends and people sharing their music. Although not everyone understands Korean in the US, they are able to enjoy the music through captions and enjoying the dancing as well. For the second song was an artist named Doja Cat, that recently went #1 on billboards on another song. This song “Moooooo” was one of her first songs and she used a lot of memes in order to get her message across. It was a fun song for her fans. 

If I had wrote about this topic I would have picked songs that I see played in the background of Tik Tok. For example one song I would have chosen was “Say So” by Doja Cat. This song is used in various Tik Toks as a dance. This is how it got popular because of the trend of Tik Tok. Another song I would have chosen was “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. This song also got popular because of the TikTok trend. Lots of celebrities also started doing the dance that went along with the song as that is what made it so popular and high on billboards.

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  1. I definitely agree with your song choice. Tiki’s Tok is a new and very influential social media platform. Once a dance or song such as “say so” becomes popular you begin to see thousands of people use it in videos, and play it on their own free time.

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