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Out of all the examples, I would be most comfortable as an audience member at the symphony orchestra concert. The musicians were playing Beethoven’s fifth symphony. As a violin player for nine years, I have been exposed to many pieces by famous composers. I have indeed played Beethoven’s fifth, and I have performed it with my class in front of our family members. Since I have experience with this piece, it would be more relatable for me to listen. Also it is interesting watching more experienced performers playing it, with a different conductor since he acts a beat earlier than the musicians. For the performers, I would expect them all to be seated, and all of the groups of instruments depending on each other. Some conductors cut pieces of music out, but I would expect this to be fully played. As for the audience, I would also expect them to be seated, and listening carefully to the different sections of the piece. And as predicted, when the piece was done the audience members applauded and some even gave a standing ovation to show appreciation for the performance.  

On the other hand, I would be least comfortable at the jazz club. This specific one was performed in the 1950’s at a New Orleans bar. I personally dislike the sound of jazz, so as an audience member I would not enjoy it as much as I would enjoy the symphony orchestra. I also like string instruments more, so it would just depend on the audience member’s taste. There were only about five musicians, so it was not as busy as the orchestra. For the performers, since it is an up beat music style, some clapping or walking around would be expected for engaging the audience. As for the audience, I would expect them to be standing up in conversations, and dancing around with a family member or spouse. This was played in a more open area compared to the music hall, so the audience members have more of an ability to move around regardless of the smaller space. This makes sense, since I usually see jazz players at the train station where people are busy and rushing.