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The Midterm is the second stage of the Music and… Playlist project, due Monday 3/30 by 10:45 via email. The Midterm is worth 80 points and consists of the first half of your full playlist: a revised version of the topic proposal, four playlist entries for four different songs, and an exploration of each work’s musical elements and social context in connection to your theme. In order to receive full points, it is essential to read the Midterm Playlist Guidelines below to make sure you include everything necessary in your assignment. To see a full point breakdown for the assignment, download the Midterm Checklist and Feedback Form below.

Watch: “Music and… Playlist Midterm: Sample, Guidelines, Rubric”

Watch: “Music and… Playlist Entries Explained

Sample Playlist

Midterm Playlist Guidelines

Midterm Checklist and Feedback Form