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Fraczek, Blog 5

After listening to all the performances, I would say that I feel most comfortable being in the live Jazz audience. The performance was very captivating and intriguing. It was lively, full of passion, and very upbeat. It seemed like everyone was enjoying the music and being there. The musicians didn’t seem super concentrated and it looked like they were just vibing out and enjoying what they were doing. Everybody was having fun from what it seemed. Reminded me of a cafe I went to during high school where they played live music during the summer, and it was an amazing experience. Even though I’m not a great fan of Jazz, this performance was amazing.

The performance I would feel more uncomfortable with would be the symphony orchestra because it’s basic and bland (no offense). I’ve heard Beethoven’s music a lot and this particular symphony was something I dreaded listening to in high school. Unlike Jazz which can be changed while playing, everybody follows Beethoven’s music note to note, making all the performances sound the same, and after a while, it gets repetitive and boring. I feel like inorder to enjoy this type of music, you need to pay attention and just be able to enjoy sitting and listening to this for 30 mins, which I do not have the patience to do. I would personally try to leave, but that would seem very disrespectful if I was an audience member. The performance from the musicians, however, was amazing and the way the music sounded was very commanding and intriguing, however, I do not think this type of music is for me.

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  1. I agreed with both your most comfortable and least comfortable place because if I had more choice, I would have included the symphony orchestra too. The jazz club does seem to be vibing, and it would usually attract the college-age group back in the 19 century. I also agree with your least comfortable because it requires a lot of patience to be able to enjoy it.

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