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Blog 5,Wang

After listening to the piece that was provided, I would feel the most comfortable being in the Jazz club audience. The performance was full of passion as the performer seemed to enjoy broadcasting their performance to the audience. Also unlike the other performer where the audience is silent, in the Jazz Club, everyone is interacting with each other, which makes the club seem like the go-to place for everyone that had a terrible day. Usually, the audience has to be silent till the end of the performer piece, but in this in the video, it showcased what jazz is really about. We can see both the audience and the performer enjoying it, which is where I would love to be in.

The place I would be the least comfortable at would have to be the Chamber musical recital because I would be rude there as the music isn’t the type I would be interested in. I remember attending one as a child, and the only thing I still remember about it was that felt that I fell asleep through the whole concert. I feel like this type of piece is more for the older generation than the younger generation as the performance requires more patience to be able to enjoy it. Also, in this type of concert. the audience is usually invisible to the performer, and they play as they are practicing alone, which makes it very boring.

Blog 3 Wang

A musical technology that has been commonly used is the use of autotune. Autotune was created in 1998 by Dr. Andy Hildebrand. Later the use of autotune was popularized by T-Pain who has used in most of his music. The autotune is a software that helps align the pitch of an artist’s voice to make it perfectly in tune with the beat of the music. Sometimes, an artist, has trouble hitting the perfect pitch of that the singer needs, so this software allows the pitch to be perfectly altered. As the autotune was created to help with the pitch of a sound, many new artists who have no talent in singing use autotune to help make their voice sound pleasing to the audience. I have no experience in using this software.

The piece of music I have chosen is “Buy U a Drank” by T-Pain, as you can hear his voice buried under layers of autotune to help make this music sound more smooth. It also had a hand in helping the song become one of T-Pain hit songs.

Blog 2, Wang M

The pieces I chose to listen to were Alapana from “Sitar, Sarode, and Tabla, and  Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. I chose these two pieces because the texture of the music is very different from each other since in Pope Marcellus Mass it is monophony, so it does not include the use of timbre, but it includes a harmony to allow the music to play more smoothly with the different sound pitches at the same time. Throughout the song, there was a conjunct in the melody allowing, the song to be sung in a chord without distributing the harmony.

In the piece Alapana, we can determine that there was a consonant type of pitch allowing the harmony to sound more pleasing and calm to the ear. There was also a timbre in the piece utilizing the sound of a banjo in the background to be combined with the texture of the song. As the song continues to play, the tempo of the piece starts to increase, with a measure of the slow-fast type of beat during it. I feel like this piece has a biophony type of texture because of the two separate type of melody being played.

Blog 1 Wang M

The Twentieth-Century was a period of time full of new innovations that included advanced technology which made life a lot easier in modern society. This period of time really excites me the most because all the genres of music, movies, and games that are enjoyed by everyone are created during the twentieth century. The textbook stated that a Hungarian composer by the name of Bela Bartok (1881-1945) and other music researcher was able to create a new field in the world of science called comparative musicology, which was used to compare the traditional music of all the different part of the world and be combined to make a new music. Then in 1960, the term world music was emerged to describe this type of music.

The composer I chose was Jerome Kern (1885-1978) because after listening to his music kind of sound like it from the Classical Period but also at the same time it has the background notes that are from the Twentieth-Century. At first, I did not expect the music to be this peaceful and smooth but at the same time, it doesn’t sound like a piece of music from the Twentieth-Century.