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Blog #5, Iraheta

There are different atmospheres and expectations when you attend different types of performances. The type of performance I would be the least comfortable in is the symphony performance, as not only do I think I’d be bored by it, but also you have to give them your full attention and dress very nice to attend. This to me feels very restricting.
I think the Jazz performance would be the on I’d feel most comfortable at. One reason is the place, it’s at a bar rather than a concert hall. This means the atmosphere is a lot more casual and relaxed. You could get up and do something else, and you don’t have to act or dress a certain way. You could just go and sit and relax hearing then perform. That’s why I believe I’d be the most comfortable at the jazz performance

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  1. I would have to agree, the jazz performance would be an fun time and a great place to hangout. The atmosphere does seem very casual and relaxed. The symphony performance would be too serious and restricting

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