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Blog 8, Vassel

Revolution by Helly Luv released 2015

Helly Luv’s “Revolution” was a way of political protest. This song was created as a response to ISIS putting her on a hit list for her other song “Risk It All” as she was deemed “too scandalous for a woman”. She created this song as a way to call for peace and a way to state that they were all united as one. The music video ends and then a small behind the scene clip pops up of her explaining that the music video was filmed on an active ISIS war zone and that they were 3 km or about 2 miles from ISIS themselves, and you can hear guns and bombs going off in the background. This song is a piece of protest as it calls for the end of a war and for peace to reign instead. Throughout the song you can hear drums that sound similar to what you would hear in military drumming, which fits with the theme of the song which is to fight back for peace.

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