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Blog 8, Vassel

Revolution by Helly Luv released 2015

Helly Luv’s “Revolution” was a way of political protest. This song was created as a response to ISIS putting her on a hit list for her other song “Risk It All” as she was deemed “too scandalous for a woman”. She created this song as a way to call for peace and a way to state that they were all united as one. The music video ends and then a small behind the scene clip pops up of her explaining that the music video was filmed on an active ISIS war zone and that they were 3 km or about 2 miles from ISIS themselves, and you can hear guns and bombs going off in the background. This song is a piece of protest as it calls for the end of a war and for peace to reign instead. Throughout the song you can hear drums that sound similar to what you would hear in military drumming, which fits with the theme of the song which is to fight back for peace.

Blog 5, Vassel

As an audience member I personally would be more comfortable within the Jazz club as its music that I would more commonly listen too. The one that i would be least comfortable with is the Chamber music recital because it feels more intense and that anything could easily disturb them because there are less instruments playing. With the Jazz club music I feel as though the performers would interact with the crowd more, making it more lively and enjoyable for me as when I am at a concerts I like to dance and sing along, versus the other three where it seems the audience has to sit and watch quietly, which can be enjoyable for people, but it is not in my tastes.

Blog 4, Vassel

In the scene for Get Out for the diegetic sound you can hear crickets and dog barks, which amplify the feeling of being alone on a dark street making it feel a lot more eerie and creepy. He can here the squeals of the tire and the music that not a lot of people would listen to currently which further amplifies that isolation and creeps he feels and the audience feels from him walking down that street. The music he then hears then turns from diegetic to non diegetic as it the dynamics gets louder as he is knocked out. The Dynamic shift in the music is significant as it confirms that he is no longer aware of what is going on around him and the music is all that is left.

Blog 3, Vassel

Musical Notation is a way to keep track of how the music will be played, it contains the rhythm and the pitches of it. Originally it was used as a way to plot out how the music would go for monks and remind them how it would go, as music was originally meant to be taught and not written to learn. Pieces that have been influenced by musical notation was Beethoven Symphony No. 5 as it has been preserved and passed down for people to play. I used this technology when i was learning to play violin, and piano.

Blog 1 Vassel

The Classical Period took place from 1730 to 1820. It took inspiration from German and Italian Styles. It focused on Thematic development which meant varying melodies and rhythm. This was during the Enlightenment period where there was an emphasis on individual rights and empowering the people. This was also during the time of the Industrial Revolution where the middle class was created, music was shifting from being only for the people who could afford it, like the church, to the working class. The Opera also became prominent, it was a new genre.

A Composer from this time period is Ludwig Van Beethoven, he lived from 1770 to 1827. The piece I listened to was Fur Elise, and as the book describes as the use of thematic development is, there are different melodies throughout that differentiates the sections within it and that is heavily displayed throughout the piece, with its slow melodies to where it speeds up.