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Blog 8, Thorpe

The song I chose was the Blacker the Berry by Kendrick Lamar. This song was associated with the black lives matter movement. The purpose of the song was to expose the government on how they treat African Americans and show people how his and many African Americans’ lives are. The listeners kind of added their own meaning to the song because not everyone who listens to the song comes from the same place or the same experience. So the audience can have their own interpretation. The musical genre that this song is associated in is rap music. This genre isn’t political usually but it can be depending on the artist. Certain artists in the rap game like to make songs that make people dance or sing. But other artists like to make music that has deep meaning to the song. The lyrics that are relevant to politics are “ I mean, it’s evident that I’m irrelevant to society. That’s what you’re telling me, the penitentiary would only hire me”. Kendrick Lamar was trying to get at the problem of mass incarceration in America and the injustice in politics. The musical characteristic that I hear is the crescendo. Most of the song was playing on the volume to get the attention of the audience.

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  1. Hello, I liked how you explained that different people may have different interpretations of the song, as it’s something I never noticed before while listening to it. As a person who did a song from the same rapper, it’s nice to see how many of his songs have a deeper meaning when looking at the lyrics.

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