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Blog 8, Bessalely

Childish Gambino released a song in 2018 names “This is America”. The popular artists song became popular and widely known due to the song itself, video, and message. The message put across was to speak out about racial discrimination towards African- Americans. Some interpret certain scenes in the video as a message stating that American gun laws are more protective than laws protecting people themselves. Also, some believe the video points out that entertainment has been used as a way to get our minds off of political conflicts and bigger world problems. Many speculate that Gambinos dancing in the video displays the distraction from political and societal issues, through the entertainment industry. This song is listened widely for musical enjoyment, the message is underlying and many people do not notice the lyrics relating to the message. Repetition is used to reinforce important lyrics and made the song catchy and widely appealing. Some repeating lines are “ Don’t catch you slippin now” and “Look what im whippin now”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYOjWnS4cMY