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Blog 6, Ferreira

My mother is Brazilian and I grew up listening to all types of genres of Brazilian music. One of my favorites is Sertanejo, I call this the broken heart genre. The instruments used are usually an acoustic guitar, the accordion, sometimes keyboard/synth and a drum set. It falls in what into the category of modern-day pop/country. They became pretty popular in the 90s-2000s, its popularity now rises as a majority of the Brazilian population enjoys this music, it is commonly played on the radio and Brazilian novelas. It is very versatile, Sertanejo can sound like so many genres and even be mixed at the same time while still falling into the category of the genre. Typically you wouldn’t think an accordion would be heard in day to day pop music but it falls so perfectly into this genre. This music is for everyone, everyone feels heartbreak, everyone has feelings and can relate to the lyrics in this genre. It’s the “In your bag” music of Brazil but still manages to be boppy. Sometimes it even reaches out outside of the Brazilian language. A popular one I know a lot of Americans know is “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” by Michel Teló. But, my current favorite is Tijolão by Jorge & Mateus. 


  1. That’a really cool that an accordion is used in this genre of music. Mainstream music doesn’t typically have this instrument so its cool to see it being used. This genre reminds me a lot of Bob Marleys music it has that peaceful and sing along feel to it.

  2. This caught my attention since the song you attached is one of my favorite songs! The accordion is a very popular instrument in my country’s music and it’s so pleasing to listen to. Very interesting how it’s incorporated in this song as well.

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