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I picked Kyrie (monophonic) and Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. The first element I want to discuss is harmony. Harmony is when at least two different pitches and sounds at the same time. In Kyrie (monophonic), there is no harmony, simply just a melody, since it’s a Gregorian chant, It several people singing in one voice. In Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass, the harmony is prominent. You can here the different singers: Alto, Baritones, tenors and so on. They each also have different textures, it’s the way the musical parts fit together. Kyrie (monophonic, is monophonic, it has one voice and no accompaniment. There’s more than one voice but they’re singing the same lines and notes. In Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass, there is a Homophonic texture. There’s the melody, the harmony and other voices including the organ playing accompanying the voices. The last element I chose was the Melody because both Kyrie’s seem to have this in common: their melody is similar in the sense that there’s no part in these songs I’d necessarily want to go singing, but it does have a noticeable angelic, flowing feel to it. Listening to it as a whole was different than listening to it with an intention for specific parts and descriptions of the pieces. There were the noticeable things you could pick put and the things you’d pick out only after close listening. 

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The renaissance is a period of renewal and enlightenment a lot of great works were created during this time period. Great art, music, philosophy, and books. The renewed interest is the best part that something old was brought back and kind of re-invented in a way. 

I know that during the renaissance Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel, the printing press was invented and that the Protestant Reformation was led, also around this time everyone was building their own sorts of Christianity, dividing from the mentality of the church being the one church. These are all historical events that happened in the Renaissance, you can gather from that that it was really a time of reconstruction and reveling, evolving into a new mindset and a more modern ideal. The textbook describes the music from the renaissance as characterized by textures of complex intertwining melodies. A lot of music in this time period was written for mass. 

One of the composers from this time period is Guillaume Dufay, his music is very much chorale music and focused on the voice. Usually, there is more than one voice accompanied by an organ or some instruments. It has a very angelic sound and you can tell it’s for a mass. It is unusual in comparison to other mass music since there are multiple harmonies. It sounded exactly as described in the textbook, he defied the ordinary by placing a borrowed melody in the tenor line of each section, also known as cantus firmi.

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