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Blog 6, Yi

The genre that I chose for my ethnicity is K-Pop, or Korean Pop. K-Pop originated in the early 90’s and gained popularity since the 2000’s. Starting then, it has been steadily growing into a “global phenomenon”. K-pop uses a wide variety of instruments, musical components, and dances, making each and every song unique. In the Korean industry, there are countless people who perform usually as groups, solos, duos, bands, and etc. I think this genre has become a part of popular culture that many different kinds of people enjoy. K-Pop has been widespread and is now considered to be one of the most popular kinds of music. However, I also think that it is tied to my ethnicity, because I am Korean and K-Pop is continuing to bloom throughout many other cultures too.

BTS, also known to be the most popular K-Pop boy group right now, has allowed K-Pop to grow even more and let people know about Korean music and the culture. They were the first Korean artists to break cultural barriers and also “broke the social stereotypes and obstacles by spreading powerful messages through their songs by including themes of female-empowerment, social injustice, and mental health, which are unusual themes in culturally-conservative South Korea.”. For Korea, they have made multiple accomplishments that have never been achieved before. The song that I included is BTS’s “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey, an American singer and songwriter. This is an “upbeat electro-pop song” with a catchy beat and rhythm. It consists of vocals, instruments like the guitar, chorus, rap, and etc. 


  1. Hi! I found your post very interesting. I’ve heard the genre “K-Pop” numerous times but strangely, I knew knew what it meant. Now, it makes sense 🙂 I also like how you mentioned how Korean Pop got popular. It’s interesting that American singers like Halsey are now part of songs in the K-Pop genre.The song you included definitely has a catchy beat and rhythm like you mentioned.

  2. Even though Kpop is originated from Korea I feel like as though it has gained so much popularity all over the world it is not just Korean anymore. Many KPOP groups now release songs in different languages like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and English I feel like its losing its “Korean” in the pop.

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