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Blog 6, Kotkes

The genre of music I chose was Klezmer music. Klezmer music originated from the kabbalists of Israel in the 16th or 17th century. The Klezmer musical genre was created by Jews in a village in Czarist Russia (“Shalom Aleichem”). The Jews there had a hard life. They were not doing well financially or physically due to anti-semitism. They decided to create songs discussing God and His love to help with their pain. The specific song of the Klezmer genre that I chose was “Shalom Aleichem”. This song is definitely tied to my ethnicity. The Sabbath is a very spiritual and precious time for the Jews. Every Saturday is a day of rest for all of the Jews. It is a time to thank God and take a break from work and the outside world. This song, “Shalom Aleichem” is sung every Friday evening, which is the start of the Sabbath,by every Jew. It is a song sung around the table with friends and family. This song uses a lot of beautiful instruments that are very soft sounding. It sounds like there are flutes and guitars primarily being played. In addition, there is a great consonant harmony. The flutes are playing beautifully while the guitar is strumming. The two instruments harmonizing together gives it a pleasing and beautiful melody.

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  1. I didn’t know that for Jewish people every Saturday is a day of rest, so that was an interesting fact I learned today. Also, Klezmer sounds kind of like classical music with the flutes in harmony with the other instruments that were named, which I found to be pleasing to the ear.

  2. Hi Sophia! I really like that you chose the song, “shalom aleichem,” as this song has deep meaning for me too as I sing it with my family every Friday night. However, I actually didn’t know that this song originated in Russia! It’s crazy to think I knew this song my whole life, but never even knew its origins. I also didn’t know that it specifically came from Klezmer music. Thanks for enlightening me, great post 🙂

  3. I did not know that Saturday was a rest day for all Jews where you thank God and take a break. I think that is interesting and I learned something new today. The song that you uploaded has a consonant harmony and was peaceful making it very nice to listen to. I think the musical instruments fit well with the melody of the song.

  4. I loved that you chose to write about this song, because it a song that I am also exposed to every Shabbat! I did not know that the Klezmer musical genre was created due to the hardships the Jews had to face. It is beautiful that they decided to create songs discussing Him and the love He had to help cope with their pain, and give them a sense of hope.

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