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BLOG 5 Lalmiyev

Based on personal preference I would feel the most comfortable as an audience member attending a Jazz Club.  While watching the Music in Concert Video lectures the ambiance of a jazz club seemed the most appealing to me. Cornelius Steven states that “harmonies… are simultaneously lush and dissonant” this means that there is a combustion of individual sounds played together in long units of measurement. Jazz music as stated in the book is “representative character.” The subject matters were constantly interchanging with the same subjects such as “love, city life, dance, or spirituality—was meant to inspire a vivid sense of place and attitude”. Listening to Jazz music is like hearing a story that the listener can constantly change and recreate in their minds based off of their mood while listening to the piece.

On the other hand I would feel the least comfortable attending a Hindustani Classical performance. I believe I lack the cultural exposure to truly enjoy this. In addition, I am not exposed to the instruments and language so its much more difficult for me to understand the music and feel it in my soul the way I would be able to connect with Jazz.

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  1. I have to agree that I probably lack the cultural exposure to this type of music but I don’t personally agree that it would make it uncomfortable to enjoy the concert. I feel like music is beyond language and anyone can appreciate it.

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