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Blog 5, Bhatnagar

I would be most comfortable at a jazz club environment. That is because in that type of performance, people are surrounded around the stage. Knowing it is a club, it sounds like something that many people back in the days would go to. It seems like a place where people can dance or drink and just enjoy themselves and be out of stress. People seem to be having fun, going along with the music and it just sounds soothing or the people that would be playing on streets, train stations and just other forms of unpaid music. I would be able to wear casual clothes and feel like in an everyday space that I surround myself in.

Next, I would be comfortable with Hindustani classical music. That is because I have attended something like this many times as it is a part of religion. It isn’t necessary to attend, but these types of musical instruments such as sitar, sarod, surbahar, esraj, veena, tanpura, bansuri, etc were very commonly used. This performance reminded me of a satsang that I have attended and it always brought peace to the mind and happiness, so I wouldn’t mind attending something like this. I would expect the performer to talk in her language and at the same time, I would also be able to understand it, so that is a plus.

I would be least comfortable in attending the symphony orchestra concert. It just seems to be a form of disjunct music and very harsh. Everyone has to move according to a path together and it just brings out a very serious tone which doesn’t interest me in any type of way. I just wouldn’t know how to act in that certain space and something that I would not like. I would hear the voice, but it would still show as a very negative tone to me that wouldn’t amaze me in any type of way.