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Choi, blog 5

Out of these four different performances I think I would feel the most comfortable at the jazz club. This is because I prefer jazz music over the other three performances. Places like the orchestra concert requires your full attention, however concerts like the jazz club you can easily be distracted and still be able to enjoy the music without feeling like you are disrupting the performers. I would feel the least comfortable at the chamber music recital because I would honestly accidentally fall asleep watching it. There also doesn’t seem to be many people actually watching it which would be uncomfortable if you needed to go to the bathroom or if you were just “accidentally” falling asleep. I feel like small concerts like that make me feel awkward and out of place because the actual performers would be able to see you and I don’t like that. In the jazz club I feel like I would expect the performers to hype up the crowd and make it fun for the people watching it. They seemed to groove through the music and really looked like they were having fun. I think as the listener I would have to look like I am vibing with them too because if you are the only one that doesn’t look like you are having fun I feel like you would get called out by the people performing. However, concerts like the symphony music recital the performers wouldn’t really talk to the audience because they are too busy looking at their music sheets and the guy in the front. The audience however probably act very civil and mannered. Phones are definitely off and only use the bathroom during intermission.

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