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Metel, Blog 5

As an audience member, I would be most comfortable as an audience member in a jazz club. Personally, I enjoy upbeat music with lots of people around. During the 1950s jazz music had a variety of instruments and usually consisted of a few band members. It is a type of improvise and putting different instruments together to create an upbeat harmony that people can dance and enjoy listening to. I enjoy the swing/lazy rhythm because it gives off a good vibe and an easy-going tune. The energy that the performances show makes you wanna watch and get up and groove with them. The different cultures and ethnicities are well joined together to bring an engaging melody.

I would be least comfortable listening to a chamber music recital because I enjoy watching a performance with more people when it comes to them playing instruments. I find it pretty boring to watch a small group of performers rather than a larger group such as an orchestra. 

In terms of the performers, I would expect them to be engaging as to what they as playing on their instruments. We as the audience have to sit and be respectful of those who are performing especially when watching a chamber music recital because usually, it’s a small group watching.