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A musical technology that has been commonly used is the use of autotune. Autotune was created in 1998 by Dr. Andy Hildebrand. Later the use of autotune was popularized by T-Pain who has used in most of his music. The autotune is a software that helps align the pitch of an artist’s voice to make it perfectly in tune with the beat of the music. Sometimes, an artist, has trouble hitting the perfect pitch of that the singer needs, so this software allows the pitch to be perfectly altered. As the autotune was created to help with the pitch of a sound, many new artists who have no talent in singing use autotune to help make their voice sound pleasing to the audience. I have no experience in using this software.

The piece of music I have chosen is “Buy U a Drank” by T-Pain, as you can hear his voice buried under layers of autotune to help make this music sound more smooth. It also had a hand in helping the song become one of T-Pain hit songs.


  1. I like how your topic was not common and I found it interesting that autotune was created so recently. Another song that I thought about while reading this was Chance the Rapper “Smoke Break”. He also uses autotune to add effect to the song.

  2. Good example of technology, as it does affect most of the music industry now a days. The example and artist you pick are some of the best I could think of.

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