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The instrument that I have chosen is the electronic organ. This organ was created in the 1930s by Laurens Hammond. One of the most well known organ, used by many jazz musicians and gospel musicians, is the Hammond organ. The manufacturers have changed over the years and many models have been made. The organ adds a gospel feel to the band and it should accompany the other instruments playing. It works by pushing down on the keys, moving the leslie, using the drawbars above the keys and the pedals on the bottom. The pedals and the Leslie aren’t necessary to play but it adds to the muscian’s playing. The pedals are notes as well but are at a lower pitch. The drawbars add volume to individual keys. The Leslie switch controls the frequency of the vibrato. You will tend to see organist moving it around alot. The black keys are presets used that change the sound of the organ. 

The organ is not really used as much in other types of music anymore while the piano is used much more. The only main function is for it to be played. I have experience with this instrument because I play the organ and I am currently learning more about the organ. I play by ear and I try to practice every week so that I can get better. The organ has helped me get better at playing piano because of the techniques can be taken from the organ to the piano. 

The song that I chose was Solid Rock by Sean Tillery. In the beginning there is an organ solo and you can hear how the organ gives the song a fuller sound. People may say it sounds “churchy” due to the way the organ is being played.