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A musical format is something that shapes the music within it. One very relevant use of musical format is the streaming application, Spotify. The invention of Spotify definitely fits our definition of technology as it immensely helps humans achieve their goals; the purpose of Spotify is pretty simple, it’s to be able to stream music. There are over 30 million songs on Spotify that are available by artists from all around the world. The format of the app is very convenient, as one can make his own playlists, listen to only specific artists, find albums, listen to singles, and even have personalized mixes made for users based on their algorithms. Your own personal playlists shapes the music within the app, and the way you listen to your music is affected by your preference of songs. Spotitfy even designed different albums for different moods, activities, or vibes one has, allowing people to find that perfect song. Some of my favorites include “songs to sing in the car,”  “mood booster,” and “chill hits.” Additionally, people can follow other people’s playlists so they can share music with each other and (with Premium, which costs a nominal monthly fee) people are allowed to download music so you can even listen to your favorite jams without internet, such as while taking a flight. Furthermore, there are podcasts that can be listened to on the app, radio options, and there’s even video streaming on some songs. The way that Spotify strategically decides what shows up on your feed helps to make it so popular. Spotify can also be used on a range of devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, speakers, TV, and cars.

I don’t believe there are people that use Spotify in the way that it wasn’t designed for. The sole purpose of Spotify is to be able to listen and stream music, and there are not many other options to do on the app besides that. I have a lot of experience with this technology as I use Spotify every single day, multiple times a day. Whenever I want to listen to music (which is almost all the time) I open up my Spotify app, find my playlists, daily mixes, or an artists album I like and listen away. A piece of music that uses this technology is the song “Intentions” by Justin Beiber. This song came out on the app as a single on February 7, 2020. Spotify made this song available to users, allowing it to be streamed, and then gave more suggestions of Beiber’s music after listening to the song.