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Blog 7, Tanveer H Chowdhury

Whirling dervishes are a classic image of Turkey, spinning serenely in their tombstone-like felt hats and billowing white robes to create a fascinating ceremony aimed at achieving oneness with God. A practising dervish told Culture Trip about the mystic sema ceremony’s meanings, how dervishes train and the challenges once faced by their Sufi order. To have women spinning among men in dervish prayer is a break from tradition for the Istanbul-based group that seeks to update the mystical dervish branch of Islam founded more than 700 years ago.

Qawwali is a well known form of music in south Asia and middle east and usually Sema ceremonies being performed while this type of music is playing in the background. Qawwali seems like it came straight from the medieval period and still holds its unique characters. Qawwali is live performing music which usually happens in Mazar (grave of Well known influential characters). It gives you a very holy and spiritual feeling to enjoy the moment more than that the lyrics of qawwali is the main beauty of the song. Even people who do not dance and go to watch the show they start shaking their body and head. So, this Sema ceremony and qawwali has a great connection and putting both of these together helps to bring the best performance out of it and entertain its crowd. 

blog # 8, Tanveer H Chowdhury

The song i picked it’s “ekti Bangladesh Tumi” by Sabina Yasmin. This is a patriotic song to inspire people during difficult that people went through to achieve the independent for the country. Bangladesh used to known as East Pakistan before 1971 after British left Indian sub-continent. Bangla was not even the official language of Bangladesh and Pakistani ruler used to abuse the basic rights of Bangladeshi people. Even Bangladesh is the only country that went through a war to established its mother tongue.

During all these movements a lot of different songs came in to the play to inspire people to achieve the independence and language. And “Ekti Bangladesh Tumi” was one of the most inspiring songs among all of those songs.

This song basically describes Bangladesh is one independent country with huge number of young people who are ready to fight to protect the country and its freedom. And the whole world put their faith on this young people and they believe this people will be able to bring and protect the victory of the country. But this song does not just only carry the message of getting independent from different countries it also talks about getting success in other things like education, economy, women empowerment and other stuffs. Songs like these helped in some extent the country to grow big and achieve its goals.

blog # 9, Tanveer H Chowdhury

Everyone’s been there. You go through a breakup and all you want to do is lie on your couch in pajamas listening to melancholic, soul-shattering music. While going through this phase in your life you expect people to understand yourself. It’s very common to hear from people that everything will be fine after a few days but only the person who is going through it will understand how much it hurts. So, people choose to spend time alone with some sad songs. And the lyrics of those songs explain a lot about the situation that the person is going through. So it helps to lower the pain even for time being to reduce the pain of the moment. And it has some downside too. Months after breakup when you feel that you are about to start a new life and you listen to some song that reminds you about the partner that again put you into a sad stage of your life. 

The first song I picked it’s “Chahiye hein tanhai ” from the movie “Love breakup Zindagi”. Finally, the album takes a grim turn with Shafqat Amanat Ali, Salim and Shruti Pathak singing ‘Chhayee hai tanhayee’. A poignant number that creates a pensive mood, the song has a Sufi flavour and is worth hearing. The whole song tries to explain if someone was going to leave you then why did they come in your life. Where they were missing each other saying that the relationship was so happy and they had so much respect and love for each other in their heart, they one partner used to see his/her life in another person’s eyes so how was that possible for them to leave each other. And in a social event they meet each other and that revived the memories and hoping to be each other and not initiated the divorce.


The second song i picked it’s “Maan jagi sari raat” from the movie “Bitto Boss” movie. This is a movie which shows the feelings after breakup. It shows the heart does not sleep at night but as time passed it healed all the pain and sufferings. The song shows how much we love each other while being in a relationship and right after the breakup it feels like not to see each other’s face even, and the main message of this song is not taking advantage of your partner while you are in a relationship. 

Blog #6, Tanveer Hossian Chodhury

The songs that punctuate Hindi films and provide them lots of their terrific worldwide attraction are particularly enormous websites in the cinema’s try to deal with challenges to regular buildings of authority. Focusing on mind-blowing moments of non‐narrative – and often explicitly erotic – pleasure, such songs proffer utopian eventualities within which the tensions raised by means of the narratives of kinship in disaster that dominate Hindi film are emolliated. It is the moments of melodic fantasy embedded in Hindi film, the tune and dance routines which provide these condensed pics of reconciliation, that predominantly working classification youths in Britain appropriate in order to categorical the conflicting hopes and fears that symbolize their very own cosmopolitan identities. In this article, I talk about two of the most essential instances of remix culture in Britain over the closing decade in order to provide a retrospective take on the uses of Hindi‐language movie through second‐generation Asian young people.

Since I have human beings in my household who speak exclusive languages so I grew up listening to Urdu language, which is a very important section of Indian Sufi songs and the instruments they use in this kind of song is very historic and unique. It reminds me about my subculture and roots. Over the duration of closing a few many years Hindi tunes have made some huge adjustments but nothing used to be capable of exchanging this vogue of music.

Blog # 5, Tanveer H Chowdhury

I had most comfortable feeling with Indian classical concert. Indian classical music can be followed to the centuries driving up to the Natya Shastra original copy which is the most punctual Sanskrit archive that portrays performing expressions. The primary compilation of the Nāṭya Śāstra, composed as a fifth Veda, is dated around 200 BCE, and it portrays move, music and scholarly conventions in India. By the 16th century, the classical music of the Indian subcontinent inevitably had part into two conventions: Hindustani (North Indian classical music) and Carnatic (South Indian classical music). Be that as it may, the two frameworks tended to share more common highlights instead of contrast from one other totally.

I was feeling very uncomfortable with live jazz performance. It was very hard to understand the whole concept of the concert. it was not easy to be connected to this concert. since everyone was playing their instrument loudly it was tough to distinguish the difference between the sounds.

In live concert different people have their own different preferences. I liked Indian Classical concert because those instrument were very familiar to to and their sound as well. The singer was trying to explain and focus on a certain topic which she made even more clear with the sound of the instruments and facial expression. In a concert I want connect myself with the performer to understand the concept in large extent.

Blog 4, Tanveer Hossain Chowdhury

I picked the video “get out opening scene the knight”. This movie started with an African American men walking into the scene at night and music in the background making it sound like a regular night walk after dinner there is no touch of suspense in the background. As soon as the car pulled in this men realize something is not right and the sound in the background still did not seem like that there will be something, but this men pretend like he is going through something and he was expecting something like that and with slight change in music it seems like he was trying to get away from this place and a new sound appear in the background and someone came out of the car and kidnapped the men.

Blog 3 Tanveer Chowdhury

Today I would like to talk about how piano change the entire music in India and one of my favorite song “Shei Tara Vora Rate”

Indeed in spite of the fact that the beginnings of the piano are known to date back to the 1700s, it proceeds to appreciate colossal ubiquity among those who need to memorize music. Inquire performer Rajiv Khati who has been playing the piano for the past few a long time and who swears by its ubiquity. “A part of music schools are coming up presently to teach children. So there are more roads accessible. As a artist, knowing how to play the piano unquestionably gives you an edge,” he says.

In teach such as Delhi School of Music and Calcutta School of Music, the piano is a necessarily portion of learning western music. The old-world charm and the elitist tag related with pianos have included to the ubiquity of the instrument. In reality, such is the appeal of the piano that numerous wealthy families have one deliberately set in their living rooms, in spite of the fact that no one within the family knows how to play it

Blog post 2 Tanveer

I am going to write about Kyrie (monophonic) and Kyrie from the Pope Marcellus Mass. Monophony is a simple texture of music usually sung by one singer without any accompaniment and in Kyrie monophony had some similarities of monophony and it’s rhythm is going loud to soft (L<S) and there is no strong evidence of using any musical instrument either. The second one is a combination of harmony and other musical texture, it is similar to church music and different instrument has been used in this music.