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Blog 3 Tanveer Chowdhury

Today I would like to talk about how piano change the entire music in India and one of my favorite song “Shei Tara Vora Rate”

Indeed in spite of the fact that the beginnings of the piano are known to date back to the 1700s, it proceeds to appreciate colossal ubiquity among those who need to memorize music. Inquire performer Rajiv Khati who has been playing the piano for the past few a long time and who swears by its ubiquity. “A part of music schools are coming up presently to teach children. So there are more roads accessible. As a artist, knowing how to play the piano unquestionably gives you an edge,” he says.

In teach such as Delhi School of Music and Calcutta School of Music, the piano is a necessarily portion of learning western music. The old-world charm and the elitist tag related with pianos have included to the ubiquity of the instrument. In reality, such is the appeal of the piano that numerous wealthy families have one deliberately set in their living rooms, in spite of the fact that no one within the family knows how to play it