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blog # 8, Tanveer H Chowdhury

The song i picked it’s “ekti Bangladesh Tumi” by Sabina Yasmin. This is a patriotic song to inspire people during difficult that people went through to achieve the independent for the country. Bangladesh used to known as East Pakistan before 1971 after British left Indian sub-continent. Bangla was not even the official language of Bangladesh and Pakistani ruler used to abuse the basic rights of Bangladeshi people. Even Bangladesh is the only country that went through a war to established its mother tongue.

During all these movements a lot of different songs came in to the play to inspire people to achieve the independence and language. And “Ekti Bangladesh Tumi” was one of the most inspiring songs among all of those songs.

This song basically describes Bangladesh is one independent country with huge number of young people who are ready to fight to protect the country and its freedom. And the whole world put their faith on this young people and they believe this people will be able to bring and protect the victory of the country. But this song does not just only carry the message of getting independent from different countries it also talks about getting success in other things like education, economy, women empowerment and other stuffs. Songs like these helped in some extent the country to grow big and achieve its goals.