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Blog # 5, Tanveer H Chowdhury

I had most comfortable feeling with Indian classical concert. Indian classical music can be followed to the centuries driving up to the Natya Shastra original copy which is the most punctual Sanskrit archive that portrays performing expressions. The primary compilation of the Nāṭya Śāstra, composed as a fifth Veda, is dated around 200 BCE, and it portrays move, music and scholarly conventions in India. By the 16th century, the classical music of the Indian subcontinent inevitably had part into two conventions: Hindustani (North Indian classical music) and Carnatic (South Indian classical music). Be that as it may, the two frameworks tended to share more common highlights instead of contrast from one other totally.

I was feeling very uncomfortable with live jazz performance. It was very hard to understand the whole concept of the concert. it was not easy to be connected to this concert. since everyone was playing their instrument loudly it was tough to distinguish the difference between the sounds.

In live concert different people have their own different preferences. I liked Indian Classical concert because those instrument were very familiar to to and their sound as well. The singer was trying to explain and focus on a certain topic which she made even more clear with the sound of the instruments and facial expression. In a concert I want connect myself with the performer to understand the concept in large extent.