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Yee, Blog 6

My parents come from China and in their culture, a folk culture dance is known as the Lion Dance. It is a very well known dance within the community and has been brought to many other places in the world. This performance is typically performed as good luck and wealth for the people during Chinese New Years. There are normally two performers, one at the head and one at the tail of the lion. The performance gets played along with tanggu (drums), cymbals, and gongs. The lion dances to the tune as if it is a real lion. This originated during the Tang Dynasty, where the emperor had a dream and a creature that looked like a lion saved his life. Since then it became a symbol of good luck and is performed times like opening ceremonies and businesses. Yes I feel like the lion dance is connected to my ethnicity, the reason being that every chinese new year we would always go out and watch the parade and then go to the temple and pray at the temple for good luck.

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