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Blog 6, Bessalely

In my culture, there is a dance associated with it called the horah. This dance is performed at any celebration such as a wedding or bat mitzvah. You may see these dances take place in Israel and other parts of the world. The dance needs a group of people to participate, and can include up to hundreds of people and layer circles of dancing around each other. This dance encourages togetherness and inclusion and bonding. As you can see, the people in the video are locked hands which forces them to feel more comfortable with each other.

The song is played with joyful and upbeat music to encourage the celebration and keep up a good mood overall. As people watch and see the infectious joy the dance creates, more and more people join and there is no limit to how many people can partake. The “Hava Nageela” song is usually played with this dance, and is included in the video. The dancing is to the beat of the music. The genre is tied to my culture because I see it very often and is performed in events I attend such as weddings and other celebrations.