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Yee, Blog 5

After watching each performance, I feel like I would be most comfortable at a symphony orchestra. The reason being that I’m familiar with the environment so I know what to do once I get there. It is very calm when you’re there, as everyone is quiet and seated just listening to the music that is being played. As a listener, I’m expected to sit quietly, not disrupt the audience, applaud when they finish, and leave when the performance is over. If I were to watch an orchestra through the a screen I wouldn’t be able to hear the sounds as clearly and experience the beauty of the music. Although we have to be quiet during the performance, it’s so mesmerizing that you just forget about everything

I’m fine with attending a jazz club as well because it seems very chill and laid back. I feel like I could just dance around and have no one else judge my actions. The place I would feel the least comfortable at would most likely be the chamber music recital because when watching the performance, I noticed that the audience is very close to the performers and that would make me uncomfortable. Unlike the jazz club where we are also close to them, it seems more formal so if I were to make a noise or go to the bathroom I feel like I would disrupt them and ruin the whole performance. Overall I really wouldn’t mind any of them in the end because music is music anyways.

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  1. I respect your statement on how audience members should act during a performance. I agree with you on the point you make about chamber music recitals.

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