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Pietrzak Blog 5

I think I would be most comfortable in the Jazz Club. The whole vibe of the place seems very laid back and chill, there are people talking and just hanging out, I feel like it would be a great place to just relax and get your mind off of things. People are drinking, chilling. I feel like I would fit right in, I could dance and not be judged. As a member of the audience, it seems like we’re all supposed to be laid back and chill, this environment isn’t the extremely quiet and concentrated environment like the orchestra.

The one place I dont think I would be comfortable in is the Symphony orchestra concert. I personally can’t sit down in one place for too long and I feel like if I got up during the performance, it would be extremely disrespectful and everyone would look at me as in disrupting the performance. Although I do enjoy listening to classical music and symphonies and all of them, I just feel like actually being at one of the concert halls wouldn’t be the greatest.

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