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After listening to the performances, the jazz club would be the most comfortable environment for me. It seems the most chill and laid back compared to the other performances. I think in this performance it would be a really fun environment to be in. As an audience member, I would expect to be able to have conversations while the performance was going on. I think the performers would be smiling a lot and just very positive. It’s a place I could see people going with friends. 

The least comfortable performance would be the chamber music recital. This atmosphere seems very serious and structured. I think it would be an environment that I would have to be very serious. Whereas, the jazz club seems playful. I would expect everyone there to be silent, as the performance is going on. The performers themselves would probably also be very serious and professional. This reminds me of middle school when I went on a trip to listen to a live orchestra performance. I remember everyone having to be very quiet. We even had to dress in formal wear and be very well behaved. These performances are very similar in the environment and sound.

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  1. Hi! I agree with what you said about the smiling performers in the jazz club. I wrote about that too. I feel like its definitely more comfortable to go to a performance when the performers are chill and smiling. When the performance is so silent and the performers are so solemn, it is harder for me to be comfortable. Going to a performance should be fun and people should be able to smile and feel happy enjoying the music. In addition, I would be extra nervous if I would sneeze or cough. I think the most comfortable environment is when there are less rules and regulations and the performers seem smiley 🙂

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