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Jain, Blog 6

Bhangra music originated from Punjab, India. Bhangra is a type of folk dance music. Bhangra dancers would sing songs to the rhythm of the dhol, which is a drum. These songs were used to celebrate annual events, such as marriages, anniversaries, and many other types of main events. Since Bhangra was originated it has been changed drastically. Whether the changes be major or minor. The 20th century has brought the most amount of changes to the instruments that define “Bhangra”, which include but are not limited to the tumbi, sarangi, dholak (smaller than the dhol), flute, zither, fiddle, harmonium, tabla, guitar, mandolin, saxophone, synthesizer, drum set, and other Western instruments.

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  1. Wow we both are so similar. I also love this type of music and find it so interesting. Do you also know how to dance in this style? It seems to be very complicated steps and very sudden movements and is a very fast dance. Would love to learn this and then dance with you!

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