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I come from a household of born and raised Ecuadorians. The first thought that came to mind when thinking about traditional music is Bomba. It is often referred to as Afro-Ecuadorian music because of its origins. Bomba is both a style of music and dance and it has a lot of African influences. Bomba was created when slaves were brought to Ecuador during the Colonial period. It also has a lot of influences from Bantu culture which is in Congo. The music and dance are very rhythmic base. Your dancing changes as the tempo and rhythm change, either faster or slower. Bomba also includes a lot of improv since its made to enjoy and have fun rather than scripted. The main instruments are percussion instruments such as the bongos, congas, guitar, and shaker. Today we mostly listen to this music to dance and celebrate especially for New Years which have important traditions to start the new years right.

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