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Ferreira, Blog 9

  1. Music plays a large role in building the holiday spirit for Christmas. The songs Jingle Bells and snow candy do a really good job of displaying exactly that. Jingle Bells has this way of bringing every family, friends, and strangers together. As it started as a Christian song for the celebration and now has expanded further for everyone hence is why it can bring so many people together. There are diegetic sounds in the music such as slay bells, giving even more of that holiday charm. Snow Candy starts with a beautiful intro with the slay bells and a theme most people can recognize in holiday music. It has a warm feeling with the soft singing and togetherness we get from everyone involved singing together. It was released by a band called Starship planet and they did this as most artists around Christmas time do their own holiday cheer spreading.
  2. If I were to write about the topic I would pick “Carol of the Bells” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. I picked these songs because not only one person is known for singing or performing it and they have been around for so long. Carol of the bells is one of the most famous caroling songs out there, it originated in Ukraine based on the Ukrainian folk chant song called “Shchedryk”. The lyrics are beautiful basically telling a story about the bells and every time comes back to the bells and their song. The infamous bells that remind everyone of Christmas. Like any good ol’ Christmas song, there are bells involved but most times this song is sung in a canon where singers in the same voice groups come in together and every other joins in making it one beautiful canon. “Santa Claus is coming to town” is a great Christmas song for kids, and was originally written for kids by Haven Gillespie a composer known for his children songwriting. Its popularity has risen since the 50s and till this day is a very known song. The lyrics are based on the fact that Santa is coming to town, telling kids to watch out and behave well if they want gifts. It plays a role in child behavior, especially around the holidays. It again has the famous sleigh bells but one interesting characteristic is that the original song is sung by kids, sang by kids for kids.