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The presentation I chose to read about was Music and Breakups. The two songs chosen for this topic was “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley and “Mittens” by Frank Turner. For the song “Heartbreak Hotel”, it is connected to the topic by the context of the song. This song was written by Presley after a Heartbreak so it is able to show his raw emotion to such a thing also showing how in the 50’s dating life was like. In this we are able to see how as breakup is turned into art. In the next song, “ Mittens” the lyrics can display a type of breakup, more specifically one sided love, and the emotions that come out when it is over.

The two song choices I chose to write about is “Thank you, Next” by Ariana Grande and “Godspeed” by Frank ocean. For “Thank you, Next”, the social context surrounding it really shows the topic of Music and Breakups. The song was written after breaking off her engagement to ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. However in the song instead of taking the sad route she thanks all her exes for the experiences she had with them. In the song she also says “Plus I met someone else…cause’ her name is Ari…she taught me love,” showing how through this breakup she is still content with just herself. This shows how breakups can be hard but how some people make the best out of it.

The next song chosen is “Godspeed” by Frank Ocean. The songs lyrics is what makes the connection because in contrast to Ariana’s song it has a similar message but different approach. This can be based on how after a breakup or first love stated, “I will always love you…I let go my claim on you…you’ll have this place to call home.” This stating how although things are over and it is time to move on, you’ll always have a place i my heart. So they seeming to be moving on but has a harder time coping with it.

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