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Blog 9, Kutner

  1. “All of me” by John Legend relates to music and romance because this song is all about Legend expressing his love for his wife. The song mentions how he falls in love with every single part of her, and how he goes in full force with his love. As mentioned in the original presentation, romance is an expression of one’s emotions, feelings, and affection. This song definitely relates to romance as Legend is expressing his deep feelings, as stated in the song, “give your all to me, i’ll give my all to you.” This song is conveying deep commitment, strong emotion and love, all of which are involved in the topic of romance. Additionally, as stated, romance can also include feelings without the commitment and love. Romance can encompass lust and sexial desire, or just the comfort that comes from another person. “Bed” by Jacquees connects to this as the main message is that although Jacquees knows his significant other wants a real relationship, he on the other hand just wants that sexual component. “I know you want to love, but I just want to feel..I got to keep it real.” Jacquees just wanted simple lustful pleasure, without the real expressions of love and commitment involved, as he thinks that is more realistic. 
  1. If I did the topic of music and romance I would have chosen two songs from the country genre. The first song I would have chosen would have been “Beautiful Crazy” by Luke Combs. I would have chosen this song because this song represents that no matter how crazy one’s significant other may be, all those things that make them different and quirky, is what makes them loved. Combs is singing about a special woman in his life that he loves no matter what, as he finds everything about her beautiful, the good and the bad. Although this song was written by a man for his wife, the lyrics are generic enough to allow anyone to relate to them in many different situations. This song represents romance for me because I think a part of romance is loving someone despite their imperfections since you wholeheartedly are in love with them. This causes everything about them to become beautiful, which is what I think this song represents. I don’t think romance only needs to include relationships, but can encompass expressions of love for the important people in one’s life. Another song I would have chosen would have been “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice. I think this is a great choice for the music and romance topic because another component of romance is doing things one never even thought of, just because of one’s love for another person. In this piece, Brice sings about how he never thought of himself as a man who would settle down and make a commitment, however that all changed once he met his wife. As stated in the song, “I don’t dance, but here I am spinning you round and round in circles, it ain’t my style but I don’t care, I’d do anything with you anywhere.” I think this represents that he was willing to go out of his comfort zone and do things he usually wouldn’t be comfortable with, just cause he loved his wife so much that it didn’t bother him. This song was originally written for the first dance at Brice and his wife’s wedding, although I still think this song is a great message for everyone. In relationships, one may have to do things out of their comfort zone, however that just makes one love stronger. I think this represents Romance as relationships aren’t always easy, but they teach admirable life lessons.

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  1. I liked both of the songs you picked for the topic. I like in particular the reasoning for picking the song “I Don’t Dance” because I don’t think I would have thought about it that way and it is interesting.

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