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Blod 9, Choi

The connection between music and Christmas is that most of the songs associated with christmas are usually the same type of melody and genre. In addition, they are all also mostly slow and steady with a nice catchy tune that is easy to follow along to. They all include bells and chimes, with a jolly feel to each song. It is in almost every family’s tradition to listen to Christmas songs when it is almost Christmas time. 

If I wrote about this topic instead of my own, I would have included adult Christmas songs and children Christmas songs. This is because there are some Christmas songs that children may not listen to like “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. I would connect these songs by seeing the background of the making of the song, and the exact story behind the lyrics. This is because there are many controversy in connection to this song because it seems like sexual assault towards the women singing. Another song I’d add on to my topic presentation is Christmas songs related to religion and Christmas. This is because there are many different music that is associated with Christian music and Christmas music since it is the day Jesus was born. For example, “Joy to The World” is one of the most popular hymns that are sung on Christmas. I would find differences in the tone of the song and melody, compared to regular jolly Christmas music.