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Blog 7, Bessalely

The Sema ceremony brings people together to connect with G-d. It is a worship ceremony with singing. In order to spiritually connect with G-d, people dance to the Mevlevi Sufi music. The first part to the ceremony included improvisation on the ney or flute (Mevlevi slides). This is called Taksim. The second part on the other hand is composed rather than being improvised. This part is named Peşrev. The slides mention that the ceremony allows for people to “Experience the direct spiritual union with God”.

A well known piece of music is Amazing Grace. The words and melody make it easy to learn, and it is usually sung in a church prayer setting. Usually there are multiple people singing as well as instruments used in the process. Both amazing grace and the sema ceremony are used to connect people to G-d and are played in religious settings. They are also very similar in their slow tempo. The differences they may have is the amount of instrumental and lyrics.