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Blog 7, Thorpe

The role music has on the Sema ceremony is it helps them worship while the performers are dancing. In the video, I saw the music guiding the way the dancers move and the dancers depending on the music. The music may be hard to follow for us, who don’t know about it, but for the people who understand it gives them a sense of peace. The effect music has on the listeners body and mind is it takes them to a place of worship and honoring God. They kind of forget where they are and the song takes them to a different place.  

A song similar could be Amazing Grace sung in many churches all around the world. Amazing Grace is sung to remember how they were before they met God. Both songs serve as worship and to take you to a different place. They both are sound to remember God and to show reverence towards something greater than them. It gives them a form of remembrance and praises to God. The difference is that in the Sema ceremony people were dancing while normally for Amazing Grace people don’t dance to it. This demonstrates that there are two different kinds of worship with singing or dancing. 

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