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Blog 7, Du

Music plays an important role in the Sema ceremony, I feel like that the music that plays within the Sema ceremony creates a different atmosphere for the listeners and watchers. Without the music, the ceremony won’t be as intriguing and less meaningful in my opinion. After watching the video “The Mevlei Sema Ceremony” music created a different vibe to the ceremony, the dancing with the music goes perfectly together and I feel like all religious ceremonies should have music. In other worship ceremonies, such as church. Church music is about worshiping their religious god, the message is important because the message should be remembered and one of the ways to remember words is by singing. The more you sing a song, the more you remember the lyrics. The lyrics stay attached to the listeners ears and makes them think about what the music is trying to tell them. The differences between both these religions is the music, from what I know most church music nowadays contain only vocals meanwhile Mevlevi music only contains instrumentation.

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  1. Wow I like how you mentioned that without music, the ceremony would be less meaningful and how it created a different vibe to the ceremony. I agree with your point in Church Music, the message is important because it is meant to send a message, and it is normally remembered through the lyrics. Good observation on the difference on how the Sema Ceremony consist of instruments compared to to where Church consist of vocals

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