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I would be most comfortable in the Jazz concert as an audience member because the atmosphere seemed very relaxed and I like how jazz music sounds. I would expect to see the performers feed off of each other’s energy and work together as a group to create music that is pleasing to listen to. As a listener I would take the time to appreciate the sound of the orchestra but also feel free to dance to the music too.

I would feel the least comfortable at the Hindustani concert because I do not connect with the music. I don’t know what the woman is saying and I don’t like how the background instruments drag out the notes. I would expect to see the performers also feeding off of each other’s energy. As a listener I would show more respect to the performance by being silent and keeping my attention.

I’ve been to a live concert at the Lincoln Center where I saw many ballet performances. The expectations are similar to the Hindustani, quartet, and Beethoven concert. Audience members are expected to sit quietly until the piece is over at which they can clap. There is a certain amount of respect that is given to the orchestras.

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  1. It is interesting to see your standards on being comfortable as being able to connect with the music rather than the environment. You were more focused on the music rather than the audience. The formalities at the concert you’ve been to were quite interesting as well, it correlated with this assignment well.

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